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Moving and Storage Tips for the Transition Into Your New Home

When Long Islanders are in need of a moving and storage company, the first company they call is Avatar Relocation. This storage company and furniture warehouse offer a range of services to simplify the transition to a new location. If you’re planning a move or you’re in need of a storage facility, you can count on Avatar Relocation for all of your needs.

Moving is one of the few things that can make even the most zen person anxious. Just the thought of packing is enough to send anyone into a state of panic; never mind dealing with everything else that comes along with moving. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, though! With some planning and organization, the move to a new home can be a lot less nerve-racking.

To make your transition into a new home, less chaotic and more enjoyable, here are some helpful moving and storage from a reputable storage warehouse company tips to keep in mind.

  1. Write a list – Creating a list of everything you have to attend to will help you stay organized. With a list, you’ll be able to breakdown all of your tasks and check them off as you go. A list will help you see exactly what needs to be done and keep tabs on what you’ve accomplished. It also helps with time management, as you can determine how much time you should spend on not only each room but each job that has to be completed.

Figure out everything that needs to be done and write it down. Then create a calendar and divide all those tasks into days, allotting specific jobs for each day. You’ll have a clear idea of exactly what needs to be done, which will help you avoid thinking about the whole picture and make moving a lot easier to manage.

  1. Keep an inventory – Before you start packing, sort through all the items in your home and separate them. Figure out what you want to keep, sell, and throw out. Once you have everything separated, the items that you have decided to keep will become a part of your inventory list. Determine a plan to help you manage your inventory; for example, use a color coding system to differentiate the items in each room so you know what goes where when you arrive at your new home.

Keeping an inventory will make packing and unpacking a lot easier and make your move a lot less stressful.

  1. Determine where to start. Start packing the items you use the least often first and save the things that you use most often for last. For example, pack out-of-season clothing first and the items you wear most often last. Remember to use your inventory list to keep tabs on everything as you go. Don’t forget to clearly mark each box, bin, or bag, indicating where each one should go in your new home. Use the color coding system from your inventory list to highlight what’s in each box; doing so will help you keep tabs on the items that are in each box, which will make unpacking a lot easier.
  2. Consider using a moving app – Moving? There’s an app for that! There are apps that can help you find everything from moving services and even apps that can help you keep track of your belongings. Some examples of useful moving apps include:
  • TaskRabbit, which can help you find house movers who can assist with packing, cleaning, and even repairs.
  • Wunderlist can help you create all of your moving checklists; instead of jotting everything down on pieces of paper and trying to keep those papers organize, you’ll have all of your lists right on your phone, which will definitely make it easier to keep track of everything in the midst of your move.
  • Next door is a neighborhood social media app. Use it to introduce yourself to your new neighbors before you move in and let them know who you are so that they can start getting to know you as you’re settling into your new digs.
  1. Ensure your move – No matter how meticulous you are, accidents can happen. Ensuring your belongings will help you avoid major losses should something go awry. For example, if a mirror breaks or value is lost insurance will help to cover the damages so you can replace them.

When it comes to moving, having a plan in place will save you a lot of time and money; most importantly, it will make the move into a new home a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

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